Dr. Maté Reclaiming Wholeness

Dr. Maté Reclaiming Wholeness

The Wisdom of Trauma: Reclaiming Wholeness A 4-Day Online Retreat With Gabor Maté, Julie Brown Yau, and Betsy Polatin

In this unique online retreat, Dr. Gabor Maté will share decades of teachings and research on healing trauma. He will help us discover the roots of our trauma and build a relationship with it, so we can begin to uncover our true selves from beneath the hurts and adaptations which have left us stuck in contraction, defense and reactivity. The retreat will include daily teachings, exposure to trauma-revealing tools and case studies. Much of the time will be spent in one-on-one Compassionate Inquiry practice.

Join Dr. Gabor Maté, Dr. Julie Brown Yau & Betsy Polatin MFA, SEP for a 4-day live, online retreat March 4–7, 9:00am–12:15pm PST. We will learn to:

  • Disentangle from unconscious patterns that no longer serve us
  • Uncover unconscious feeling states and access early traumatic events
  • Develop self-compassion through the Compassionate Inquiry technique
  • Discover the wisdom of our body
  • Use meditation and breathing practices to generate calm and stability
  • Cultivate patience, respect and choice in the healing process
  • Find a balanced stance in ourselves
  • Increase our capacity for self-expression, connection and aliveness

Anger, sadness, fear, shame, or self-loathing can all be symptoms of trauma. They are some of the threads we will be following to their source, to reveal the original wound. Meeting discomfort and difficult emotions is deeply spiritual work that can bring us closer to our true self.

We will be compassionately guided through self-inquiry and supported by somatic practices; this combination invites pain, discomfort and repressed emotions to come to the surface to be experienced, witnessed and worked through in a safe, supportive setting. Acceptance, allowing, non-judgement, expression and self-compassion are the ingredients needed for resolution.


The teaching will be articulated in four main themes:

1. Recognizing Trauma
2. Loosening the Grip
3. Expanding Compassion
4. Developing Resilience

Who is this online retreat for?

This will be an in-depth program, suitable for therapists, spiritual seekers and anyone looking for a profound, experiential understanding of their traumatic imprint and the hidden beliefs that sustain it.

The content of this course will be similar to what was presented at the “Returning to Ourselves” 2020 retreat. If you attended that event, this retreat will allow you to deepen your experience and understanding of the material.

Daily schedule

Betsy Polatin – Breath and Movement 9:00 – 9:10
Gabor Maté (& Julie Brown Yau) – Presentation and Q&A 9:10 – 10:40
Betsy Polatin – Breath and Movement 10:40 – 10:50
Break 10:50 – 11:05
Gabor Maté (& Julie Brown Yau) – Presentation and Q&A 11:05 – 12:05
Betsy Polatin – Breath and Movement 12:05 – 12:15

Event Information

}  March 04, 2021 to March 07, 2021
  Thursday, 11:05 am to 11:05 am
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   Science and Nonduality (SAND)

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