Your own Live Stream and Video On Demand page, on your own website, and getting payed? 

Synergy created a platform for LS (LiveStream) and VOD (Video On Demand). This platform has a pay system that makes it possible to ask a signup fee and makes watching instantly possible after payment.


The LiveStream can be watched on our platform but this could also be a page integrated in your own website. Of course completely white label. Technical support for viewers and payment processing will be by done by, Synergy.
When a viewer pays for a Pay Per View or subscription through the paywall, login details are created along with a viewer account. The viewer gets a password and then can login later using these credentials. This account manages all available content they have purchased. Users can login with the same details to as many streams you are selling and that they have bought.  
 To ensure viewer security, all data collected by the paywall system is enforced and protected. Viewers can purchase content with credit card information securely. All payments processed by the system are SSL encrypted to protect data during transmission. Payment can be made by PayPal, credit card, in the Netherlands with iDeal, Mister Cash in Belgium and in Germany by Sofort
There will be a commission on transactions. This commission is depending on the choices you make, maximum view duration, duration of availability of the content and on the amount of viewers. The costs for iDeal/Paypal/banktransfers and exchange fees on each viewer purchase made will be involved. This has to cover merchant account fees that include credit card charges, Pay Pal and bank transfers and will be charged at no extra charge by us.

We can not disconnect this pay system from the rest of the platform. 

Streaming through any third party (Ustream/LiveStream/Youtube/Brightcove) is possible, depending on the third party VOD is sometimes possible sometimes not. Revenue through a third party most likely is not possible or not without ads.   


 Audio Video Livestreaming Webcasting
Synergy has availability on professional audio and video resources that allow you to achieve a wide variety of activities. You can think of speeches, presentations, classes, lectures, meetings, conferences and conventions but also of music groups, artists and bands.
Webcasting, Live streaming, Streaming on demand, a complete platform is ready to use, and embedding in your existing website is possible.
Of course, you choose a high-quality production, if you have the budget. Synergy works with experienced people and most modern equipment.
However, we also offer the ability to create a very professional production in situations where a limited budget is available. And if you use our platform with payment then there are revenues rather than costs.
 Developments in live streaming and streaming on-demand, webcastings.

In Europe live streaming is still used relatively limited but will certainly make a strong development in the near future. For example because we make it available for you at a low cost bases. This offers new possibilities to reach (a selected group of) people that were previously unreachable or only could participate ​​with very high costs. In addition, in contrast to YouTube and other video channels, there is the opportunity to ask a, by you chosen compensation for viewing the life stream or stream on demand.

 Using live streaming your live activity can be registered and broadcasted over the internet. People can instantly watch and also participate using social media. They also can view it later (on demand). In this way, lessons, a training or other material can be offered (and paid) per lesson or training. Or for example lectures will be given with payment in advance and can be viewed around the world.
This way, lessons, trainings or other material can be offered, per lesson, training, or can be viewed and paid as a whole. Lectures are held in which payment is made in advance and can be viewed Live all over the world. 


All Audio, light, Video and Live streaming responsibility during the Sand US





You are going to give a lecture?
The lecture is amplified with audio and recorded with video livestream.
You have people who would like to attend the lecture but can/want not bridge the distance.
They can (paid or not) view at the same time you are giving the lecture over the internet on almost any device, from desktop computer till iPhone, iPad or iPod. And optionally using the chat feature or Twitter for asking questions that you can answer live.
The recording can be produced on a DVD so it can be distributed / sold.

You want to provide a series of lessons?

The live lessons are recorded with audio and video.
You have participants elsewhere in the country / the world who want to follow the lessons at home.
They can log online and join the lesson or possibly viewing it at a late time.
On request, the recording can be produced on a DVD so that it can be distributed / sold.


Numerous possibilities to imagine.
Please contact to discuss these with us